Khazana is proud to have hosted some of the leading politicians, premiers, mayors, ministers in cabinet, hollywood stars, singers and some of the top bollywood personalities in the past. Looking forward to host them in the future as well.

Khazana is also proud to have received a number of awards, recognition and accolades over the last two decades in its operation. To name a few....

  • Winner of Consumer Choice Award for eight consecutive years.
  • Winner of Golden Fork Award for five years in the category of best Indian restaurant.
  • Rated one of the "Best top two Indian restaurants' for 3 years in a row in Edmonton by Avenue Magazine.
  • Rated 5stars by leading newspapers like Edmonton Journal, Sun, Examiner etc.
  • "Proud to have Co-hosted Juno Award 2004 in Edmonton.
  • Featured in the list of 'Top 100 restaurants' in "Where to eat in Canada" by Ann Hardy.
  • Featured and recognized by a number of leading Canadian newspapers, magazines, travel books and other publications.
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